About Us

“Burricleta brings people closer to nature with a vocation conciliatory, communicating and contemplativa”

Burricleta, arises at Lluçanès, of the initiative by the entrepreneurs Regina Casas i Joan Sales, with the intention to develop an innovative model of ecotourism, that permits to create a sustainable quality tourist activity applicated to natural and rural environments.
With the contemporary society concentrated in big and medium metropolises very dense, the contact with the nature is an urgent increasing need.
The vital current pace, the desconection with the natural cycles and the loss of the sync with our environment, makes it necessary to create activities that brings people closer to the natural environment with a vocation conciliatory, communicating and contemplativa.
The succes of ecotourism is a reflection of this unmet need.

“The burricleta was born from passionate love between a catalan donkey and a beautiful bicycle.”

When we decided to make us company owners, we made the decision, that our activity shold be a reflection of our personal values.
That is why we created a company that permits us to share with the society, that which for us is a privilige, live in the countryside, and do so in way that respects the natural and social environment and surrounding.
We contemplate the intrinsic values of the Companies Social Responsibility (CSR), like the accesibility, a responsable actitud with the environment or the priority of the purchase of our products to local manufactures and suppliers., with the purpose that wealth reverts to the local economy, requiring the application (CSR) of our suppliers, the products quality and the service, more than the economic value.

In the tourist section, we understand as the only sustainable future the ecological tourism or the ecotourism.
Our objective is to consolidate a model for quality ecotourism, strengthening its proper values of this activity such as the sustainability, the preservation and appreciation of the natural environment and culture of our surrounding, as well as the dynamization of the local villages through empowerment of common synergies.

We apply an innovative concept within the ecotourism, specializing us in electric bicycle renting, thus reformulating the bicycling tourism as an activity for the all the publics without requiring any specific physical shape except from knowing how to ride a bicycle.
Burricleta democratize the use of bicycles for all types of people.

“The burricleta is therapeutic; raises the self esteem and reconciles the family.”

This objective is realized thanks to the development of the burricleta, the electric rural bicycle and the creation of routes to be done by our users.
The facility to perform our routes without an effort, permits that no physical condition is required to go by burricleta except than knowing how to ride a bicycle. Therefore, it permits to equalize the physical shape among the users, facilitating an activity to be shared with the family, group, schools, couples...

The exclusive development by Burricleta of a new interactive software GPS guidance (so far non-existented on the market), facilites the discoverment of the natural/rural surrounding, without the need to mark the trails and at the same time we offer a better platform for the inclusion of illustrative containing in different languages, ​​that contribute an added value to our routes.

This content is focused on the cultural and natural values, so tangible (Arquitectura, geologia, Botanica, fauna ...) as intangible (history, legends, landscapes, values ​​...). Thus the burricleta GPS acts in a similar way to the “audio guides” of the museums, complementing the burricleta experience. But the experience in the last years show us a fact, there are already many people that knows the electric bicycle but very few have tried it.  This fact, added to that burricleta is set as an unmatched platform to raise awareness of the electric bicycles, leads us to promote our offer in the sales of electric bicycles.

To dispose of our own technical service and have the credibility to bring our rental fleet we present us as “the specialists in electric bicycles with guaranteed service”.

Commercial agreements with the national manufacture Ecobike, confirm us as sales service and official technical assistance for Ecobike, at the same time this permits us to develop and evelop a model of electric bicycle strictly designed for rental.  And to increase the competitiveness of our proposal, and aware of the potential to replicate our model in other geographical areas, we articulate the growth through the assignment of licenses, creating the Burricleta network which sum effort for the community benefits, allowing in short time, becoming a reference in rental, sale and mantaining of electric bicycles.

And we are on track.