All you want to know about Burricleta

What is a Burricleta?

The Burricleta is an electric bicycle with pedal assistance. It is like an ordinary bike but incorporates a small electric motor that helps make riding up hills easier and faster progress on flat grounds.

Is it easy to ride a Burricleta?

It is very easy, as easy as riding a normal bicycle that you have rode all your life. You only need  to know how to ride a bicycle to enjoy  the route.

How it works

Like a conventional bike, you have to pedal to advance. The only difference is that with the electrical system connected, the pedaling is assisted, and the vehicle moveswith minimal effort on your legs. The feeling that you will have is like if someone pushes you when pedal, and stops the acceleration when you stop pedaling.The electric assist immediately stops if you brake. It also incorporates an assistance regulator (accelerator) with which you can increase your craving to adapt the level of the Burricleta to suit the obstacles of the route (hills, plains ...) always when you are pedaling up to the speed of 25km/h. If you don’t pedal, the assistance does not work beyond the 6km / h.

Can anyone ride one?

Yes, anyone, old or young, working or retired, you do not need special training or to be in good shape because the Burricleta lets you ride without effort, especially on hills. All you need is to know is how to ride a bicycle.

Do you need a license to ride an electric bicycle?

 No, you do not need a license.

Can children go?

Yes, we have mini-burricletas, the first electric bike suitable for children. The minimum height is 1.30 m, but depends on the skills and physical conditions of the child. If the child isn’t tall enough, there is no problem; we can incorporate a seat to the adult Burricleta with no additional cost.

Can I rent a Burricleta as well as someone else from the group taking his own conventional touring bike or mountain bike?

Sure, if someone in the group wants to ride a normal bike, they can, but up the hills they will realize that they have not made ​​a good choice!

Can you go in a group?

Of course it is highly recommended and much more fun to ride with a group of friends or relatives. We have special prices for groups. Go pedaling with your Burricleta effortlessly through nature favors good atmosphere and friendship.

Do I have to wear any special clothing?

No, you can ride the Burricleta with normal clothing and suitable to the weather. As you are outdoors, it is always recommend to take some warm and waterproof clothing if the weather changes during the route.

What if I run out of battery half way?

The Burricleta is like a bicycle, so if the battery runs out, you can continue cycling the route. The route is calculated for the battery to last the whole way under normal conditions. But in the end, there are variables that affect the battery life and depend on the use of the accelerator and the weight of each rider. We recommend you call the Burricletaattention center so we can attend to you on route and not lose the benefits of assisted pedaling. For rentals from two days, we include a charger, so that the user can resolve this issue.

And if I have a fault, what should I do? How will anyone help me?

The Burricleta is a very reliable vehicle, but still have available a roadside assistance service to resolve possible contingencies that may arise along the way. With a phone call to the Center where you rented the Burricleta we will start to solve the problem and you can follow the route, replacing the Burricleta if necessary.

And if I have an accident, how can anyone help me?

We rarely have to deal with any accidents on the Burricleta, but if need be, by calling the Burricleta Center we will run to meet the injured person and take them to the nearest medical center, and if necessary and we will be accompanied by a specialized team of medical emergencies.

The GPS Burricleta incorporates an SOS button just in case. Leave  the Center's telephone number and position the Burricleta’s exact GPS coordinates. In this way we guarantee the fast and reliable assistance on route.

With the rent, do I have accident insurance?

Yes, it is included in the rent. The Burricleta Center informs you of the conditions.

What does the half-day rental include?

 The half-day rental includes Burricleta (with or without infant-seat) and the helmet, with the battery charged to 100%. The half-day rental is for a maximum of 5 hours during the morning (between 9am and 14pm) or afternoon (between 15h and 20h). Whatever the time that the  you started the route, go back to the center before 15h, if taken in the morning, or before 20h, if taken in the afternoon. It always includes Roadside Assistance Service.

What about the day’s rent?

Renting a day includes the Burricleta (with or without infant-seat) and the helmet with the battery charged to 100%. There are two modalities of one-day rentals: the rent for a one-day route Burricleta and free rent for one day. Renting a Burricleta for the day on a route includes the collection from 9 am and return before 20h. The free-day rent is for a maximum of 24 hours and can be collected when the Burricleta agrees with the Centre during the opening hours of the centers (between 9h and 20h). It always includes Roadside Assistance Service if carried out one of our routes, but is excluded in case of free rent.

What is not included the rent?

 The rent does not include a number of elements, on the other hand they can be hired separately, and these are:

 - Interactive GPS

- Guide service

 - Hammock

- Backpack Picnic

Can I rent the Burricleta for an entire weekend? Or for more days?

Yes, there is no problem. It can be rented for an entire weekend,  starting Friday at 15h and returning by Sunday at 20h. It can also be rented for three days or a week. In all these cases the rental includes a battery charger. Check prices for more than 3 days.

What are the Burricleta routes?

Each Burricleta Center has designed routes to facilitate the discovery of the lands and the most interesting stories of that place. Each route has identified a route, distance, slope and the different elements that are to be encountered, and are classified with difficulty levels (high-medium-low) and Recommendation (familiar-cultural. ..) for each group to decide which route is best for you at all times. At the time of collecting the Burricleta you can decide the routefrom the routes that start at that center. In case of a designed route that does not leave  from the same center, we will always notify you in advance, and at the time of booking to arrange transport of Burricleta to the starting point.

What is the philosophy of the Burricleta routes?

The philosophy of the routes Burricleta is to walk through the natural environment effortlessly, enabling you to enjoy all kinds of people with no other cycling fitness. It isn’t a sport philosophy or competitive. Our vocation is conciliatory, informative and contemplative. In short, bikingwithout efforton mountain terrain.

How does the GPS work? What is it for?

With GPS you will not get lost and you will always know at what point of the route you are. In addition, our routes using GPS Burricleta incorporate an interactive module with interesting content about the itinerary, you can go listen at each stop, like an audio tour of a museum. This content is focused on the cultural and natural elements, both tangible (architecture, geology, flora, fauna ...) and intangible (history, legends, landscapes, values ​​...). This is your experience, you can go alone at your own pace, stopping when and where you wish.

Do I have to necessarily hire the GPS?

It is not required to rent the GPS, but it is recommended. With the rental of Burricletas we give you a road map that reports the route you want to do, with an overview of the everywhere, the profile of the route and the different attractions you will find along the way. The road map is not intended to be used as route guidance, and therefore, if you don’t deeply know the environment, we recommend that you rent GPS, which also will provide additional cultural information in an audible format, with the intention that you get to know the environment as best as possible.

Does each Burricleta incorporate GPS?

No. What we recommend is that at least one person in the group, whether the group is small or large, bring the GPS to guide everyone, and regarding the GPS, everyone can hear information regarding the elements and art found during the route.

And if I want a person to guide us and accompany us during the Route, is it possible?

Yes, there is no problem, all we ask is that you ask in time, and the request is made at the time of booking. We can not guarantee a guide if requested at the same time they are collected Burricleta and when you start the route.

Do we have to ride on one of the routes proposed by Burricleta or is it possible totake a free ride?

It isn’t essential to rideour routes, but we recommend that you follow the routes thatBurricleta have designed around each center. They are intended to enjoy different natural and cultural attractions in the local area, they have the guarantee that the ways in which transits are suitable for Burricleta are calculated to avoid draining the battery and every Burricleta can offer the service and road assistance.

What I can do on the road?

Observe the trees, climb mountains, descend into a valley, talking and laughing with friends,  take in the fresh air, swim in a river, take a nap under a tree, discover Romanesque hermitages, old legends know the place, eat in the shade of the pine trees .... in short, DISCONNECT from the everyday stressful life and enjoy nature freely and effortlessly.

Can I rent any accessories?

Yes, so you can organize a relaxing and comprehensive excursion, we provide a couple of interesting accessories:

 - Fully equipped picnic backpack so you can improvise some outdoor cooking for  4 people. includes:

- Stainless steel cutlery.

 - 4 melamine plates

 - 4 acrylic glasses

 - Cotton Napkins

 - Cotton Tablecloth

 - Wood cutting

 - Salt, pepper

 - Rear area with insulated compartment for a bottle

 - Food compartment

 - Hammock for napping in the shade of trees. It is individual, cotton and has two ribbons tying between trees.

CanBurricleta provide food for the route?

Burricleta can not provide you with food for a picnic, so you have to take your own or take the advice given by the Burricleta Centre, which will provide a list of the closest establishments where you can find traditional and local food (sausages, cheeses, wines, cakes, breads etc ...) and general grocery stores.

Now, we give you a very interesting alternative, enjoy a 'menu Burricleta' on weekends and holidays, 15€ for adults and 10€ for children, restaurants we work with and who are located on our routes. Ask in the Centre at the time of making your booking or pickup and they will indicate what options they have.

What can you put the backpacks?

In the backpacks you can put warm clothes, towels and bathing suits, and anything else that you think may be useful for the route. If you agree, you can leave your belongings that you are  not going to use at the Burricleta Centre and collect them when you finish the route.

If I am staying in a house, can I bring the Burricleta there?

Yes, we can, only on two conditions: that the rent  is at least for 2 days or an entire weekend, and is a group of at least 6 people.

And if I like a lot, can I buy a Burricleta?

Of course! Burricleta is an electric bicycle designed especially by us, of which we are Sales and Service Technical Assistance Officer.

But Burricleta is more than just that, we are the specialists in electric bicycle with service warranties and we distribute over 60 different models of electric bicycle manufacturers such as Raleigh, Bea, Veliac and Ecobike with a wide range of prices and models. With the advantage that many of these models can be tested in a Burricleta Center with advice from our experts.

And if I want to set-up a Burricleta Center or point near where I live, how should I do it?

The ultimate goal of this initiative is to have a wide network of Burricleta Centers and points, specialists in rental, sale and maintenance of electric bicycles, in all corners of the world. Therefore, all those entrepreneurs who want to set-up a Burricleta Center can contact us and we will give them all the support to enable them to take forward a sustainable business and be  abeneficial effect for the area.

Anything else I should know Burricleta?

Yes, the most important thing: YOU WILL HAVE A GREAT TIME. Try a new way to see the landscape and cultural heritage around you, breathe in fresh air, share precious moments with friends and family, and, above all, you won’t get tired