Burricleta Shop

Burrixop is under construction! Soon you will discover:

 - More than 60 models of electric bikes of various types and brands to meet all the needs of sustainable mobility, both urban and rural.

- Batteries and accessories for electric bicycles.

– Helmets of multiple types and designs, so you can practice the 'cool cycling'.

 - Burricleta products.

And in this shop you will find all kinds of technical and legal information about the electric bike world, and you can leave your comments, recommend products and keep abreast of the latest developments in sustainable mobility products.

And with guarantee of the service can only be given thanks to Burricleta Center Network.

Soon you will be able to browse the online store, but if you're impatient, contact hola@burricleta.com and we will inform you of the wide range of products from theBurricleta Shop. Or better yet, visit a Burricleta Center, and test models of electric bicycles and let yourself be advised by an expert.Your life will change pace!

Because as you know, if it’s electric, it’s Burricleta.