We would like to use this opportunity to transmit to our users the respect and love we feel towards the land.
We are specially motivated by the fact that through our rutes we give you the opportunity to discover lovely and unknown rural and natural surroundings, and release this hidden treassures to our visitors of the centres and the points,  with the knowledge that sharing this herritage is the best way to preserve it.
We promote, in an active way, the bicycle culture in our region.

To the entrepreneurs who have joined our project to create the Network Burricleta
To the entrepreneurs who have trusted in us establishing a Point Burricleta
To all the people  of Lluçanès for their hospitality.
To the Rural Tourism Association of Lluçanès for its complicity.
To the Consortium of Lluçanes and the city council of Perafita for their complicity.
To Ramon and Conchita for believing in us.
To Alex and Elvira (Avanti, avanti) for their talent and commitment.
To the Michelle and known ones to stay by our side. Antonio (Ecobike) for their confidence.
To Josep M. Colleagues for his inspiration.
To Olga Alcaide for her expertise and time.
To Joel in order to be there when you need him.
To the family, relatives, friends and known ones to stay by our side.
And to you, that by reading this, have got here.