Legal Conditions


FIRST.- The bicycles and the accessories of this rental contract, owned by each Centre or Point Burricleta contract issuer. In any case, by the fact that you hold a rental contract, you are purchased ownership rights over the assets rented.

SECOND .- The holder manifests that users of this contract are in perfect health condition for bicycling, and assumes responsibility in case of the burricleta coronary heart disease, vision, hearing, or of the circulatory system, musculoskeletal or digestive.

THIRD.- The renting of the bicycles do not include a guide; the browser that can be rented is in no way comparable to a personal guide. The company only commits itself to make available to the customer all the information and cultural tourism in the area such as maps, speeches and propaganda i possible routes or trips to be done with the rented bicycles.

FOURTH.- The burricleta is rented with an approved helmet for each client, with the battery charged and a security lock. In the ,moment of renting the bicycles, the holder assumes the repsonsibility for returning the bicycles in the same state as they were rented, en perfect state of condition, including the accessories and the keys for the batterys and the safety lock.In case of damage to the bicycle, the owner thereof, is authorized to claim the rental contract holder a maximum of 500 € for each Bicycle. In the case of loss of bicycle or batteries, the owner thereof, is authorized to claim the maximum amount of 1500 € for each Bicycle.

FIFTH.- the holder of the contract El titular del contrato is constituted as custodian of the burricletas and accessories hired, assuming all civil and criminal responsibilities that this condition implies, until we can proceed to the return of the same.

SIXTH.- The owner of the bicycles, El propietario de las bicicletas, releasing any responsibility for accidents to the use of bicycles, being covered in any case by the security of civil responsibility of the company and the user security according to the law 56/2003 that is contracted volunteraly by the DOGC núm.4241-18/10/2004. As well as the owner reserves the right to claim against the user of the bicycle in case of misuse or a bad movement.

SEVENTH.- In case due to a breakdown of the bicycle it is impossible to perform the the route or the trip , nor replace it with another, the client may not
make any claim for damages and losses that he may have caused.

EIGHT.-The user of the bicycle is obligated to:
•Make a good use of the bicycle and the equipment borrowed by the owner.
• Refund the owner for any damage caused to or by the bicycle and the damage caused to third parties.
• Respecting traffic rules and fulfill with the rules relating thereto.
• Do not pass through private properties.
• Do not throw rubbish and wastes along the route.
• In case of breakdown or deficiencies with the rented equipment and or accidents of the users, telephone at once to those responsible for burricleta by the telephone number.

0034 931171666.
• To comply with each and every one of these clauses.

In accordance with the stipulations of the Law 15/199 to Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that your data will be included in an automated file under the responsibility of the owner to this lease, in order to meet the commitments we have with you.
In any case, you have the right to access to information stored in this file, modify it if erroneous or cancel and object to their treatment by writing to Burricleta, Puigmajor s / n, 08589-PERAFITA (Barcelona)
Until notified otherwise, we understand that your data has not been modified, you agree to notify any change, and we have your consent to the disclosure of your information to other companies when this communication is necessary for the implementation of this contract or to make a better relationship between both parties.