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get in touch
with nature

the rural  electric bike
autoguided tours with GPS, with audio content

Burricleta gets people closer with nature in a gentil, informative and contemplative way. Discover the routes, trips, travels and the endless experiences and feelings that you will enjoy effortlessly in nature in the network of all the Burricleta Centres and Points.

Burricleta is quality ecotourism, based on sustainability, preservation and appreciation of natural and cultural environment of our landscape and the revitalization of local populations. Burricleta democratizes the use of bicycles for all types of people: men and women, adults and children, youth and adults, families, groups or couples, and at any time of the year, with no other condition than knowing how to cycle.

We make it easy to discover the natural environment without having to pre-mark all the roads, thanks to interactive GPS integrated to our burricletas, including natural and cultural content, tangible, architecture, geology, botany, wildlife-and intangible-history, legends, landscapes , values.

And most important: Traveling with your Burricleta you will have a great time! Try a new way to see the landscape, history and culture around you, breathe fresh air, share precious moments with your friends and family, and, above all, you won’t get tired! 

Rent or buy your burricleta and start having fun. We specialize in electric bicycles. Because if it is electrical, it’sBurricleta.