Point Sant Hilari Sacalm

El Racó d'en Serrallonga
Plaça Doctor Robert 3
17403 Sant Hilari Sacalm , GI
Phone: 625 699 991

Next to the Office of tourism of Sant Hilari Sacalm, in the Plaza Doctor Robert, you will find el Racó d' en Serrallonga.

Apart from the excellent personal treatment of Daniel Masó and his team, you can taste an original gastronomic offer which includes a wide selection of artisan sausages with which you can savor the authentic traditional local taste.

At this Burricleta point we'll find 4 burricletas and 1 miniburricleta with the accessories necessary for carrying out the two routes that we propose to enjoy the natural sorroundings of Sant Hilari Sacalm.
Give us enough notice and you can extend the fleet according to need and availability.

At this point, we offer two routes, a short half day and a long full-day.

The short route, La ruta de las Fuentes, offers an itinerary that goes through some of the more than 100 fountains of the municipality and gives us a good excuse to ride on a burricleta through the Guilleries and discover its charms.

If half day is not enough for you , you can choose a route of history and legends, a full day route which will penetrate you in the charm of the forest of les Guilleries. You will be transported in time and remember the history and legends, and who knows! you may even find  the infamous bandit Serrallonga…

The two routes have agreements with a local restaurant and serve the Burricleta menu.

Check for terms and conditions.


Difficulty level:
Average time:
1 h 30 / 3h