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Conca de Barberà Burricleta Center

Drac Actiu

Pjda. del Gorg s/n 
43440 - Espluga de Francolí

Telf: +34 629 213 263  / +34 660 750 531

This centre will remain temporary closed until further notice

Conca de Barberà is an inland region half way between the sea and the mountain.  It's a place which people pass through and a crossroads.  It's the capital of our history and a mosaic of cultures.

The centre has it's office beside de Font Major cave, in an old distillery where alcohol was produced until the sixties when it was restored as an activity centre for the people of Epluga de Francolí.  You can do a great variety of tours from this town, located at the foot the Muntanyes de Prades.

Prior reservation is necessary.

The Conca de Barberà Burricleta Centre has its office in a former wine alcohol distillery in Espluga de Francolí near the town of Poblet and its surrounding woods.  It offers a variety of tours to discover its unique spots in a land overflowing with nature, history and authenticity.

The Bosc de Poblet forest was managed for 800 years by the monks of the monastary of the same name and today forms a magnificent nationally protected natural area, the Paratge Natural d'Interès Nacional de Poblet.  It has a wide variety of vegetation and fauna and greatly values its well preserved cultural and historic wealth.


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other associated points
environment and interesting sites
  • The Caves
  • Museum of Rural Life
  • Museum of Wine (Cooperative Warehouse of modernist style)
  • Templera and Hospitalera Route
  • Monastary of Holy Maria de Poblet, declared World heritage for the UNESCO in 1984 (Vimbodí's villa)
  • Museum of the Glass (Vimbodí's villa), with demonstrations of the production of blown glass
  • Mont Blanc, the capital of the region, with a walled enclosure
  • Natural area of Poblet
  • Plantations of vineyards with spectacular views
  • Visits to numerous wineries
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