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The tours are the spirit of the Burricleta experience.  They fit in with and respect the surroundings and the local society as well as offering the opportunity to learn about the local culture and  heritage.  The steady pace of the electric bike allows you to travel over long distances effortlessly and reflect about what you are experiencing as all the tours go through amazing landscapes, away from the tarmac and the crowds.

All the centres offer tours which are designed to be enjoyed.  They cater for all levels of proficiency and difficulty and length of time.  The authentic burricleta tours are SELF-GUIDED with an easy to use GPS which will guide you around so that you’ll never get lost.  From time to time the GPS will explain about the cultural and artistic heritage that you will come across along the way.  At Burricleta, you can also find conventional guided tours or burricletas to go on signposted routes.

The burricleta tours will take you through the most interesting and outstanding places of the region that you are visiting.  You will discover hidden corners that you wouldn’t easily find in the official guide books or by following marked footpaths.

How long the burricleta tours take depends on your pace.  Don’t worry about time, we’ll always be waiting for you.  To help you plan there is a minimum time and an average time indicated on the information card for each tour.

The foal (low) level tours are very easy and fun, with all the family in mind.  The jenny (high) level tours take you further away and allow you to discover new places.  These suit couples and more active burricleta riders.


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  • self-guided route:

  • Nature reserve of Montgrí
    Baix Empordà BC
    distance 49 km
    accumulated elevation 352 m
    maximum slope 17 %
    type of route somera level (high)
    mInimum time 5 hours
    recommended time 7 hours
    code be02
    burricleta child seat
    burricleta child seat
    burricleta family pack
    burricleta family pack
    nature park
    charming villages

    A complete tour with villages, mountain, natural areas, beach, spectacular views...

    Enjoy good views of the river Ter, the Medes islands, the sea, the golf of Roses, rice fields of Sobrestany and some magnificent views of the Empordà plain.

    To do in a day in a couple or with friends and treasure some wonderful memories.