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The long tours are getaways and holidays on e-bike. There is no better way to discover a country than to pedal at your own pace and enjoy, without getting tired, all that the landscape has to offer. A unique opportunity for active tourism adapted to your physical conidition. The routes are self-guided with GPS to make at your own pace.


It will depend on the type of getaway or trip but usually they include the GPS with the route, rental of the burriclettes, helmet, saddlebags, padlock and night accommodation. Baggage is optional. You will also have a support telephone assistance so you don't have to worry about anything.


To enjoy the landscape and not get tired, to go further than you would with a non-electric bike or to get there earlier and enjoy other activities in the destination. In addition, they are ideal for people with different physical levels but who want to share an experience together on a bicycle.


Usually long tour are self-guided but from time to time we offer guided groups on specific dates. Ah! And if you have any request for a particular group, send it to us and we will help you.


Yes, at burricleta we are experts in electric bikes and on routes. For the great routes, and to offer all the comforts and facilities of an agency, we have a collaboration with Creative Rural, experts in managing experiences in nature and who will help you in everything you need.


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  • 'Little country' Tour
    distance 68 km
    accumulated elevation 732 m
    maximum slope 13 %
    mInimum time 2 days (3h per day)
    recommended time 2 days (4h per day)
    code GR03
    nature park
    charming villages

    Halfway between the city of Girona and the Costa Brava, there are small charming towns where time stands still. We invite you to feel the essence and the vital rhythm of the authentic Empordà through its landscapes, the climate, the gastronomy, the stones and also its people.

    You will pedal through landscapes of contrasts, through protected natural spaces and discover a great cultural heritage, through small charming Empordà towns that sprout history on all four sides. You will see that the Empordanet, and as Lluis Llach said well, from the top of a bell tower you can always see the neighboring bell tower.



    Slow breakaway on the Girona Greenways
    distance 54 km
    accumulated elevation m
    maximum slope %
    mInimum time 2 days
    recommended time 2 days
    code GR04
    nature park
    charming villages

    Imagine a different and relaxing weekend, away from noise, in the middle of nature and doing exercise outdoors.

    We introducte you to the slow breakaway to the Greenways of Girona. We will do the route of the Carrilet I, from Olot to Girona. Quietly,slow and within two days. This way you can enjoy the landscapes, the waterfalls nice places, the authentic villages and the local cuisine without hurry and at your own pace.

    In our trips, we encourage the use of sustainable tourism and, whenever there are suitable and possible combinations, we do it with public transport.