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Chirstmas vouchers 2019

Bicycles Without Borders deliver bicycles to people without resources.

Burricleta adds to this initiative and launches his Christmas gift vouchers campaign. With each voucher, you will donate € 5 to this NGO. It's alkready the third edition!

How can I collaborate?

Burricleta launches this  solidarity gift vouchers. Offer a unique experience of a Burricleta Route to your partner, family or friends and with this vouchers you will donate € 5 to Bicycles Without Borders.

With Burricleta, being solidary does not cost anything :-)

There are three types of Gift Vouchers:

- "Ruc i Somera" (€ 49): ideal for couples. If necessary, a child seat can be placed on each burricleta. They are free and support up to 25kg .

- "Ramat" (€ 74): ideal for families. There are two adults and up to 4 children with mini-burricleta (from 1.30m).

- "Pollins" (€ 64): ideal for families with young children who do not reach 1.30 m to carry a mini-burricleta but they are already too big  to go with a child seat. Includes an adult burricleta a burrito with capacity for one or two children


Want to know more about this NGO?

Bicycles Without Borders dedicates its activity to giving bicycles to people without resources so that they can move to the school or their place of work. The bicycles that are delivered are mounted in their labor insertion workshop, where jobs are generated for people at risk of social exclusion.

Since Bicycles Without Borders started its activity, 1,923 bicycles were delivered in countries like Spain, India or Senegal at the end of 2012, which improved access to education and work for these people and their families lives, in addition to generating direct jobs in the insertion workshops.

They develop their main project: Bicycles for Education in Palmarin (Senegal) where they work together with the rural community and the Lluís Llach Foundation to give more than 800 bicycles to high school students and create jobs for the maintenance of bicycles

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